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Administrative Contact Information for MSAW Elementary:

Mrs. Stacy Blanchard          Dr. LaQuita Gaffney          Mrs. Tara Christmas

Elementary Director                                Dean of Students                               Guidance Counselor          




Are you interested in helping your child grow socially/emotionally?

Would you like access to FREE resources that help you accomplish that?


Now, Iberville Parish Schools has a FREE online resource that helps you do just that:  Teach your child social and emotional skills with the click of a mouse and through narrative, engaging storytelling!


  • Students listen to fables from the “Adventures of Cosmos Crow”

  • Each story targets a different behavior or emotion.

  • It is all FREE for you, and it can be done at your leisure.

  • You and your child can play the audio and listen to the story being told, as well as read along with it.


How To Access:

  1. Visit the district website, .

  2. On the right sidebar, under the calendar, click “Coping Skills” section.

  3. Enter the password:  ipsb01 and click OK.

  4. This will open the free resource for you to explore and learn what “Coping Skills” is all about.

  5. You can find all of the stories at the bottom left of the page- called “Cosmos Crow Fables.”

    1. Each title will be shown on a bookshelf for you to choose.

    2. Once you click on the stories, you can click a “Play” button in the story to read aloud.