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Christina Cope

Christina Cope

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PAC 420

About Me

Educational History:

  • High School- Elanore McMain Secondary School, New Orleans, LA,  May 2005
  • Undergraduate- Mary Bladwin College Staunton, VA, May 2009

Degrees and Certifications:

  • B.A. Studio Art 2009 Mary Baldwin College
  • Art K-12 Certification 2009 Mary Baldwin College
  • Level 1 Google certified educator June 2017

Current Position:

  • August 2009 6-8 Visual Arts
  • Began working with IPSB after graduation in 2009
  • Currently- K-5 Visual Arts

Family Information:

  • I have 3 dogs and 2 cats
    • Artemis(dog), is from a former co worker who had a animal hoarder neighbor and needed to find homes so I voluntered
    • Cookie(dog), is for my mother but they both stay with me
    • Walter(dog), is my partners step-sisters dog who she could not keep because of pet restrictions so I voluntereed
    • Vincent(cat) found in our schools old concessions AC vent and could not find a home for him so I kept him
    • Milo(cat) same as Vincent

Personal Information:

I like learning new things so just about half of my hobbies have to do with art. I also play videogames which I have done since I was a toddler thanks to my brother. I also enjoy reading in all formats, if its a physical book I prefer the sci-fi/fantasy genre. For e-books, audio book and podcast I will listen/read just about anything that is interesting and is well written/voiced. I enjoy gardening but I like experimenting with plant growth and compost more than anything. 

Christina Cope

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PAC 420
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